Garden Gift Cards: An Alternative Present

Do you remember the episode of Friends where it is revealed that Rachel has exchanged every single gift she has ever been given? To be honest, it is not that hard to fail to hit the present mark, whether that is because your recipient is a bit of a diva like Rachel is up to you to decide! But gift cards make a lovely alternative pressie, especially when they are from a well-chosen shop like ours.

The Curious Thing About Adulting

You see the problem with being an adult is you get harder to buy for, most of us can simply purchase the things we really want and to be honest the things we dream of are probably way too expensive for a birthday gift so we wouldn’t want to hint or ask. Trying to offer family and friends ideas can be embarrassing and awkward, and no one ever knows what value to pitch at. So, if you have a friend who is hard to buy for, or you know you are notoriously tricky a gift card is simply perfect.

So Many Benefits

The thing about themed gift cards is you are acknowledging that you know and love the person’s hobbies. Gardening and a love of nature is a popular hobby, but most of us just tend to buy the basic necessities. Treating ourselves is something else we fail to do enough as adults but rather than having to purchase seeds and compost the garden gifts we have in our gift baskets are luxurious and fall into the self-care pamper category. Whether your loved one chooses to spend their gift card on something for the garden or one of our many beautiful items that bring the outside in, they can really spoil themselves. Choose from a range of teas, chocolates, bath items and of course, glorious garden tools, the experience itself is like a child in a sweetshop staring through the window. Something quite magical, and should the items exceed the gift card they can add a bit more themselves and you have encouraged them to spend some quality time on themselves.

From a Hospital Bed

A gift card could also make a lovely thinking of you moment for someone who has to spend time in hospital. Most wards have a no flowers policy now, but you can have mail delivered to the bedside, so ordering a gift card is perfect. Many people have phones, laptops and iPads in the hospital with them and the internet is available, so they can shop and browse and pass the long and lonely hours between visitors. Guaranteed to lift their spirits and help with the healing process when they know there will be an amazing gift waiting at home for them — something they have chosen but given generously by a friend or family member. The versatility of gift cards should not be underestimated, so next time you find yourself stuck for a present idea, why not pop over and choose a card.

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