Gardening During Lockdown & New Handcare Gift Boxes!

How Does Your Lockdown Garden Grow?

It is safe to say that it’s a very strange time at the moment, lockdown is something none of us have ever had to experience before and probably never want to again. But, with more people spending a lot of time at home gardens are seeing a lot more attention. It is the perfect time to do all the jobs in your garden you’ve been meaning to do and yet never got around to.



One thing we all find difficult is the fact we have to be apart from our families at the current time. If you live alone, you will understand how valuable things like your garden can be. It gives you something proactive to do, with many people considering growing vegetables for the first time and others just making the most of their flowers and plants. It is also nice to sit out in the garden and get some fresh air comma and access to vitamin D when the sun is shining. One great idea, if you know someone who lives alone is sending a garden present, just because you are thinking about them. It is the perfect way to make someone’s day during lockdown. Just a small token that says you are always thinking about them even though at this time you cannot actually see each other.


Of course, conversely, many people do not have access to a garden at this time and may be missing it terribly. There are lots of inside gardening projects you can carry out and help bring the outside in. It can be even harder for people who have to self-isolate and remain locked down within a building that does not have access to outside space, and again a small token gift can let them know you are thinking of them. Many plants are happy inside homes, providing they have some good access to natural light. Plants are good for the environment around you, and they help to clean the air. There are many suitable green leafy plants that can really make a difference to your indoor environment and help to lift the mood. Artificial Flowers have improved over the years and now have a very realistic look and feel, and of course they are very easy to care for. They are in bloom all year round and can really lift a room and make it feel natural and give it an outdoor feeling.

Garden Gifting New Gift Boxes Coming Soon!

Whether you are feeling slightly blue with the current situation or whether you want to cheer up a relative there are so many different things you can do related to your love of gardening.

Our new Handcare Gift Boxes are arriving soon! Our new gift boxes will feature beautiful natural handmade soaps from the RHS range alongside the best-scented hand creams! From £12.50 gifting made easy!

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